While in middle school, I took the initiative to start the first-ever speech club on campus. Throughout my school years, it seemed as if speech and public speaking weren’t emphasized or practiced seriously. I wanted to change that, and decided to combine my passion for speech and education and involve other students who could potentially be interested. My school speech club compromises of about 35-40 middle schoolers, whom I train in different forms of speech. To inspire my students, and make things fun, I try and incorporate motivational and competitive public speaking games. One of my favorite activities include practice speech tournaments, which helps with preparing my students for potential speech competitions, as well as the tournament field trips we take, which promotes team bonding and learning experience

October 2019 - ongoing

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I’ll admit it, I’m a math nerd. Ever since I was in Elementary School, I’ve always taken a liking to all my subjects, however, math just hit me differently. My love for math stemmed from an educational club on campus called “Math Olympiad,” which helps students learn how to solve questions using logic and thinking skills. I  enjoyed the contest a lot, and ended up being one of the top performers in fifth grade. Over time, the contest was discontinued. This was extremely unfortunate and I wanted to make a change, and continue a club that I found helped bestow my love for the subject. Thus, I created a Math Olympiad club at my Elementary School, which churns out around 30 regular students every meeting. We all take part in engaging math games and I ask students to solve old practice papers and monitor real test-taking environments. Students also participate in explaining complex math concepts to one another, in turn boosting confidence and overall speech skills.

October 2019 - ongoing

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I will join in thanking Arushi and al the other parents who volunteered their time and energy to support our bobcats! MO gave them an opportunity to dig in deep with Math! It was a great learning experience.

 - Audrey Prouse, Blue Hills Principal