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First Ray Designs

I founded my own sticker business, First Ray Designs, designing trendy stickers for teenagers because I noticed that the stickers given to children in doctor’s offices and at hospitals today are still the same princess and cartoon stickers of the past. Each month, I hand draw, cut, and donate a box of stickers to 20 hospitals, and so far I have donated over 200,000 stickers total. The most rewarding part is getting letters back about how happy the children are with the stickers.

Who Gets the Throne?

 I have developed a STEM board game called “Who Gets the Throne?’ with a UC Berkeley doctoral candidate, Lt. Darryl Diptee, to teach younger children basic computer science concepts.  In today's world technology is more important than ever and coding is a valuable skill for everyone. I have played the game with students at some elementary schools, and we plan to donate copies of the game to under-resourced schools to make CS accessible to everyone.

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Speak Up

Having experienced the transformative power of speech in my own life, I wanted my classmates to have the same opportunity, so I decided to start a Speech Club at my middle school. Every week, I teach skills like projection, enunciation, movement and hand motions to boost the confidence of middle schoolers. My goal is for the students to gain more confidence in themselves to not only give speeches and presentations but also speak up for themselves in tough situations. 

Math Olympiad Club

Math Olympiad was the competition that inspired my love for math. I was intrigued by the logic behind each question. When I heard that budget cuts forced elementary schools in my district to disband the club, I founded a Math Olympiad Club that serves students in all the elementary schools in my district. I teach math concepts and strategies such as how to break down a question to help them excel in the competition. I want to help other students find their passion for math like I did. 

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